Privacy policy

Posted on 1 July 2023 complies with all the legal obligations to protect our website visitors. This policy has been created to show you our commitment to data privacy and security. In this policy we describe how we collect information from our visitors, how we use the information we collect, and the choices visitors have about the collection and use of information.

Since our website only provides reviews for certain nutritional supplements, we would like to make it clear that accounts cannot be created. Also, we do not have the option to subscribe to any newsletter. Consequently, there is no possibility for us to collect data through these processes.

 Every time you contact us at the email address on the contact page, we use your email and any other personal information you voluntarily provide us only to respond to your email. We do not use this email address for any other purpose and we do not make it available to third parties.

As a visitor you are not required to provide us with any Personally Identifiable Information.

 We do not sell under any circumstances personal or automated data that we may collect from our visitors. 

On our website you will find links to other websites that are not controlled by us. They have their own policies regarding privacy and data protection so these websites are not subject to our privacy policy. Please read those privacy policies carefully.

During your visit to our website, certain computer information will automatically be collected  as a result of the interaction of your web browser or mobile phone with our website. This kind of information is generally considered Non personal Information. We also collect the cookies as we will discuss in the following.

 Legally required provision of information

 Sometimes, we may disclose information about the visitors of our website or information about your use of our website, when such disclosure is required by law, a legal procedure, when we need to enforce our terms and conditions or any other similar situations.    


A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website, allowing that site to recognize your browser when you visit again. Cookies may store user preferences and other information. You can configure your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, some website features or services may not function properly or at all without cookies. 

 You can learn more about cookies at the following link

 Here are some of the most popular web browsers and the links for the options you have regarding cookies settings, including blocking cookies completely:

 Google Chrome – chrome://settings/cookies

 Opera – opera://settings/cookies

 Microsoft Edge – edge://settings/content/cookies

 Mozilla Firefox – about:preferences#privacy

 Safari –

 For other browsers, please visit their settings page.

  Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics which is helping us to understand how visitors use the website and ways that we can improve your experience. Google Analytics can track things like:

  • The time visitors spend on our website or pages they visit. This helps us understand how we can improve the website;
  • Sometimes we are making small changes to our website and test the impact it has on our visitors’ experience. During these periods analytics cookies could be used to ensure visitors receive a consistent experience while visiting the website and we understand what are the changes that generate the best experience for our users; 
  • We  also use these cookies to understand better what pages/links of our website are more clicked than others.

 Google Analytics Advertising Features

We use Google Analytics Advertising Features. Please keep in mind that once Google Analytics Advertising Features are enabled Google Analytics will collect from Google Ads some extra information than what we already mentioned before about Google Analytics cookies. We enable this with the purpose of displaying better ads to the right people.

  What Google Analytics Advertising Features we have implemented:

  • Creating Remarketing Audiences based on specific behavior, demographic, and interest data to share those with Google Ads;
  • Using demographic and interest data in our Analytics reports;
  • Creating segments based on demographic and interest data;
  • Reporting about Google Display Network Impression;
  • Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.

 How we and third-party vendors use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) or other first-party identifiers, and third-party cookies (such as Google advertising cookies) or other third-party identifiers together:

  • Cookies are small blocks of data created by a web server while a user is browsing a website and placed on the user’s computer or other device by the user’s web browser. It helps the website you visit to remember information about your visit, which will make the next visit easier and the site more useful. Other technologies, including unique identifiers used to identify a browser, app or device, pixels, and local storage, can also be used for these purposes. Cookies and those other technologies can be used for the purposes described here:
    • Functionality – allow the access to features that are fundamental to the website;
    • Security – used for the authentication of users, preventing fraudulent or protecting you while interacting with the website;
    • Analytics – help us collect data that allows us to understand your interactions with our website. These insights allow us to both improve content and build better features that enhance your experience;
    • Advertising – We partnered with Google Search Ads(ads shown on Google search result page when entering a specific search term) and Google Display Network(ads shown on sites and apps that partnered with Google or Google properties). Cookies and other technologies used help collect data that allows us to understand how you interact with our website. These way we can create better content to improve your experience with website in general and ads in particular;

You can always opt-out of Google Analytics Advertising Features by using one of the following methods:

  • Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on – Also please take into consideration this browser ad-on for opting-out of personalized ads that is designed to be compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. You can find it here


   We are using remarketing. That means that once you visit our website to see a product review you may see in the future, based on the data collected by cookies,  ads for that product on Google Search result page, other Google services or other sites and apps. Please take into consideration the following:

  • How we use our data to advertise online
    • We collect information about your activity on our website. We may use the search terms you used to bid on those keywords if you are going to search for them again in the future, meaning you may see another ad on Google search result page for our product review. Also, after you visit our website for a product review you may see an ad for that product review on Google display network, consisting of Google services and more than 2 millions partners apps/sites. This is mainly possible with the help of cookies technology.
    • In our remarketing activity we also use scroll depth analyses to see how far you have scrolled our product review pages so we can optimize our marketing communication through remarketing ads on Google Search or their site/apps partners  for display advertising.
    • We use data about the ads you interact with, including our remarketing campaigns, to understand the performance of those ads. The tools we use are mainly Google Analytics and Google ads.
    • With the help of analytics tools, like Google Analytics or online advertising platforms, like Google Ads we analyze statistics regarding the number of users seeing an impression of the ad and the actions taken after.
  • How third-party vendors, including Google, show our ads on sites across the Internet.

             We use Google Ads for remarketing campaigns and our ads can appear on different places across the web:

             – On Google Search. Remarketing ads can appear above or below search results on Google Search

             – On Google Display Network. Remarketing ads can appear on a collection of websites(Google properties and more than 2 millions partners) and apps when you are surfing the internet.

  • How third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies and/or device identifiers to serve ads based on your past visits to our website. 
    • Cookies help us make remarketing and advertising in general more effective. Without the use of cookies, it would be very difficult for us to reach our audiences, to know how many ads were shown or how many of them were clicked.
    • We are using Google Ads and Google Analytics to manage our remarketing campaigns. By visiting a page or seeing an ad that uses one of these products, either on Google services or on other sites and apps, various cookies may be sent to your browser. These cookies may be sent from different domains, including or our own domain.
    • When it comes to mobile applications, cookies technology is not available so instead, Google may use technologies that perform similar functions to serve ads.
    • Working with Google for remarketing, we are given the option to target our ads to people who visited our website before. For it to work Google has to read a cookie that is already in your browser or place a cookie in your browser when you visit our website. When you visit another website that may have nothing to do with our website but partnered  with Google for display advertising, you might see one of our ads for product review. It is due to the fact that  your browser sends Google the same cookie. Your visit to our website may also be used by Google to show you personalized ads when you search again on Google for the same/similar product to the ones we review on our website.
  • Ways in which you can opt out of Google’s use of cookies or device identifiers

  Our security measures

We will implement and maintain technical measures to protect visitors’ data against destruction or alteration. Even though we do our best to implement the best security standards we cannot guarantee 100%  that hackers will not be able to obtain this information.

   Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

   This website is not directed to children under 13 years of age. We do not collect any information from children under 13 years of age. We do not have any knowledge regarding anyone of this age using the website. If you know somebody in this situation that is using this website, please let us know immediately. If you are a child under the age of 13 please leave the site immediately.

If you are not at least 18 years of age you are not allowed to access this website, no matter the reason.

Updates to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to revise or modify this privacy policy at any time by updating this page. Using our website after these changes are made means you accept the updates knowingly. Every time, before using our website, please verify our privacy policy for any possible changes.

  If you have questions regarding this policy or the procedures described here, please contact us on our contact page.

Last updated on 1 July 2023